Installing Skype in Linux

Doh !

“Some requested packages cannot be installed: Skype- (due to unsatisfied Continue installation anyway.”

Well i’ve learnt not to continue installations when there is bits missing so after a brief Google search I got this link.

Apparently adding these sources will solve my problem, i’ll kepp you posted.


4 thoughts on “Installing Skype in Linux

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  2. Er well not exactly, in the end I had to do a reinstall (nothing to do with the skype install) and I ended up putting PCLinuxOS back on my machine. Then I went to Synaptic package manager searched for Skype and installed, that was it, no extra work involved ! It fetched the files from if that helps any one.

  3. hey , thanks a lot , it worked for me . is really helpfull , just by a click on the button i added Official Mandriva distribution medias . it asked for the install cd , and after i used the official skype install file . And it worked exactly as it should have. Tryed also other methods with manually download and extract dependecies , but just kept moving in circle . this is plain simple.

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