GRUB Error 18,or, oh no my mates PC won’t boot to Windows now !

If you’re a bit of a Linux evangelist you might have tried to persuade your friends and colleagues to install Linux too. But has it ever gone wrong and left you with a PC that will not boot back to Windows. For the first time ever I had this happen to me.

PC running XP on 2005 motherboard 150GB hard drive.
Split partition into a 140GB for XP (his choice not mine:) and 10GB for Linux, Linux Mint install goes fine as usual, but on rebooting gives me a GRUB Error 18 code. Now a quick trawl of Google suggests this is related to 1 of 2 things. Either the install is too far into the partition table (if that makes sense) and the BIOS cannot read from it without an update to do with LBA (Logical Block Addressing), and on a 2005 Motherboard i’d be suprised if thats the case or GRUB is in the wrong place, eh? I have installed GRUB on the first partition, the XP NTFS one.

Now in my own machine I have a 160GB hard drive and the install went straight through and rebooted with the GRUB menu, so whats happeming here, if you have got any ideas reply to this and perhaps we’ll know the answer then.


One thought on “GRUB Error 18,or, oh no my mates PC won’t boot to Windows now !

  1. Oh yes, someone asked how I restored my friends MBR (Master Boot Record). Well normally I have a Windows 98 disc that I boot to a command prompt from and then issue the command fdisk /mbr which restores the original Boot Record, but on this occasion we booted from a Windows XP disc and used the recovery console. The command is Fixmbr.

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