Check the obvious for sound in Linux with Nvidia

Have you have ever struggled to install drivers for your hardware ?, do you ever find yourself piling in at the deep end, configuring kernels, compiling drivers splitting drivers, welding drivers whatever it takes assuming its a “just a Linux thing” ? . Well, I had been been struggling to install my Nvidia onboard soundcard in Linux Mint, in my case on a Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI motherboard. Rather than spend many hours of research and trial and error, start by checking the physical jumper settings on the motherboard itself. Mine had once had front panel audio connected but as I didn’t I needed to replace the jumpers that should have been in place if the wires to the front audio panel are not, phew. If you check your motherboard manual you should see a picture of the relevant jumper settings.
The worst thing about this is, when I was reminded (and i’ll post the link of the chap who reminded me) I remembered I had had this problem before, but thought this time it was too simple an answer , doh !


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