Fedora 10 LIVE CD Gnome

I’ve been trying to persuade Homeless Pete to install LInux for a while as I think he’ll enjoy the whole philosophy of FREE as in FREEDOM software, but he is quite fussy about the interface he will be using.

PCE17LOS – No, didn’t like the user interaction with the desktop, or the way the drives were more abondoned on the desktop than displayed.
PCLinuxOS – This didn’t like the PCI Wireless device he uses but did at least manage to use the NDIS wrapper and use his XP driver. Installing graphical bootloader menu failed except the  text based version.
MINT 5 – Elyssa – Now he did like this but GRUB bootloader failed (Error 18)
Fedora 10 – Homeless is Happy, at the moment Fedora 10 did the trick, a very nice desktop enviroment (Gnome) easy installing of new software, wireless already installed and showing Access points, wonderful. However, Fedora 10 is very much a FREE as in FREEDOM distribution and installing ATI drivers is proving a nightmare. Also we failed to set up his Audigy XFI and instead opted for using the onboard soundcard.
We did wonder if we would have faired better with the DVD install disc but suspect that Non FREE drivers would still not have been included.
I’ll keep you all posted on how he gets on.
As usual all these distributions are available from my website.


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