Teacher Confiscates Linux CDs, says “No Software Is Free” or argh it makes me so mad

If you pop over to HeliOS and read this article you could be forgiven for thinking its a wind up, unfortunately not. Teachers face a hard enough time already without this idiotic women spreading falsehoods and making teachers look ignorant. She needs to write a public apology to the kids and familys involved or lose her job. If that is the best we can show our children we have failed. Oh it makes me so mad, as they said in Monty Python.


2 thoughts on “Teacher Confiscates Linux CDs, says “No Software Is Free” or argh it makes me so mad

  1. This woman needs to be prosecuted. She has stolen property and that is against the law. Whether or not she “thought” it was illegal is completely irrelevant. You cannot go around assuming to know the law and making decisions based on that assumption. That is not different than me going out and shooting someone and saying I thought they were breaking a law. Someone needs to teach the teacher a little lesson here. If it were me, not only would I do everything I could to have her fired, I would also press criminal as well as civil charges against her. People who think they have the ability to make and enforce their “own” laws are a danger to all of the people in this country. This woman is not only stupid for jeopardizing her career, she believes she has the right to act upon her own without any knowledge f the law and play policeman. If she wanted to be a cop, she should have applied at the police station and not the school system. My guess would be she is too cowardly to stand up to an adult and this is how she gets her cop like thrills is by bullying a child to exercise her “perceived” authority.

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