Linux on a Laptop, Economist better for computer news than the Register.

If you are thinking of Linux on a Laptop you might find some interesting  information at the Economist website. How to choose a netbook | Small is beautiful | The Economist
I’d recommend an article I was pointed too from The Register but they let such foul mouth children write for it nowadays I don’t think will.
Small laptops or Netbooks are there to serve a purpose, for a lot of people web access and office capabilities are all that is required of a computer and a nifty Netbook fits the bill. Being relatively low on CPU power and storage space might have been an issue if these Netbooks were running one of Microsoft’s offering but with a lean functional Linux install all is good. If I wanted to jot some notes for this article, a Netbook will have you at a desktop faster than a standard PC or writing on paper and transfering it later.
If your a hard core gamer then a Netbooks not for you but then if you are a hard core gamer what were you doing looking at Netbooks anyway.
and at around £179 for the ACER you should have known its capabilities, after all a decent modern graphic card will set you back that much.
So there you have it, The Economist more informative regarding Linux on Laptops than the Register, tut tut, shocking state of affairs..


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