The United States Of America Vs. Me otherwise known as David and Goliath

Do you know, I’m really, really disappointed, To be honest I don’t rate Guns n Roses (I didn’t say Slash) that much anyway, they turned into a pompous over rated sham rock act along time ago but I thought deep down they might be really “Rock n Roll” at heart. How wrong I was. They have called in the FBI to arrest a dude for streaming music !

So to Axl and his possee I say, you sad gits ! are you really that poor that you are worried by someone streaming your music because it might lose you sales (and I don’t follow the logic there) or has your record company enforced this? If its the record company you need to review who you are signed with. And if you need to earn more money get into touring, as the profit to the band is far higher than from music sales. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Take a leaf out of Nine Inch Nails book with regards to using the new media for the times we live in..
And to SKWERL I suggested;
Can I suggest you work with REAL Rock N Roll artists like Nine Inch Nails who will let you download and even remix some of their songs or perhaps insist on Creative Commons licences. And although I know this is serious, if it gets Guns N Roses played a bit less you have done us all a favour :), on the other hand if you stuck to streaming  Slash’s guitar solo’s you might be OK 🙂


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