Festive fun and New Year resolutions

I’ve written this article once this morning already but as I tried to add a link I managed to drag half the text from the end to the begining, when I tried to undo I lost all the text, argh !!!!! oh and the NOSCRIPT plugin for Firefox is annoying me sometimes because if you “allow” a page after you have started entering data on it you will lose the input as NOSCRIPT refreshes the page, still a very good plugin though.

I know some of you have been checking the blog regularly over this Festive season (Hi Graham) and wondering where the new articles were, well my excuses are; older son has been home for the holidays and i’ve been away from home quite a bit visiting family, something that made me realise I need a PDA or similar so I can still write and post new info. whilst out and about. Any suggestions on this are most welcome.

I’d just mentioned in the original draft for this post that I was up and about far too early this morning and I need to go for breakfast now, i’ll write more later on the new Fedora and Mint distributions i’ve been using, but to give yourselves something to do in the meantime why don’t you check out this video from Stephen Fry over at GNU.org or just download using this Torrent.


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