Free Media,Freedom,Free Speech and er, Acid

The more I work with GNU/Linux the more I feel caught up in the whole Free Software movement, in fact more than that, the whole concept of Freedom.
But I certainly find it easier to watch or listen to articles regarding Freedom/Free Software than to try and read them from a monitor screen, so if you feel the same way  check out the new Media page i’m creating.
These media items are not just educational but genuinely inspiring as well, for myself i’m on a mission at the moment to get back to the days when I was using programs like Bryce,Truespace,Rebirth and Acid to create images and sound, something I haven’t done for a long time. Of course now I need to find FREE versions to use on my various GNU/Linux versions. In the meantime I have had Sonic Foundry’s Acid Music running through WINE if you don’t mind running a MS Windows program inside your GNU/Linux distro but it does lock up quite often for me so your mileage may vary..


One thought on “Free Media,Freedom,Free Speech and er, Acid

  1. I’d actually forgotten that when I was writing this article I was going to ask for opinions on changing the name i’ve been trying to establish ” Os3 – Open Source Software Solutions” to something that suggests Freedom Free Speech etc. a bit better, something i’m sure Richard Stallman would agree with me on. Any suggestions as always are most welcome.

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