The Police + Ebay = More Security & Privacy required

I was most disappointed to read over at the Times about the new Police powers to crack into and place Spyware on your PC. Of course this raises several questions,
Is this legal for them to do this ? I think it breaks some Communication Act somewhere.
What software will they be using ? I’m using Linux so there spyware may not run on my machine, can they force me to change to MS Windows so that they can monitor me more easily 🙂
Does this software run on any platform ? what about Vista 64bit because bugger all else works on it.
If my Firewall refuses entry can they force me to let them through ? You see to me this would be similar to the law allowing them to insist I hand over my encryption key in the event my data is encrypted or face going to prison. Comments most welcome on this.

I pick up some good tips from Ghacks and thought whilst on the subject of security  and privacy i’d mention this article regarding Flash cookies, in fact Flash cookies you probably didn’t know you had even got, you can probably delete most but be wary if you are an Ebay seller, if you delete the tracking cookies you may have to do the confirmation phonecall with Ebay each time you list ! Of course it makes you wonder why Ebay needs to do this as even my bank does not track me like that on my own machine, its another invasion of privacy really and you would think Ebay would be very delicate about how they treat sellers nowadays especially after the sellers tried to warn Ebay about this last year. Mind you i’m still waiting for confirmation on a legal matter I took up with them some time ago to which they never replied so unless you are offering them large amounts of cash in “sponsorship” don’t hold your breath for any help & support.


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