Take Note ! Whats the best way of collecting information

What’s the best application for taking notes whilst browsing ?
I tend to use a combination of Google Notes or Tomboy but that gives me 2 lots of information to keep. I have to be able to access information when there is no network connection available so I also have Google Gears enabled. With Tomboy my notes are stored in my home folder, its a hidden folder designated by the dot “.” in front of the folder name, ie: “.tomboy” the files are a form of XML from what I can tell, something I know very little about.
Now I was interested in Richard Stallman’s comments on Cloud computing so I would prefer to keep all my data in a folder on my own PC that I can see (not in some arcane file/folder format) and backup easily, so i’m wondering if its possible for Tomboy and Google docs to share a common folder or something. I used Opera for a bit and that had good note taking facilities so I may look at that again but i’ve also been thinking of looking at Flock as a browser partly for the social networking facilities that are incorporated into it and partly to see if Google notes will plugin to it, it should as they are both Mozilla derived.
As always comments, advice, etc. is most welcome.

Orangeek discusses Richard Stallman’s views here


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