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The complete works of John Milton have been assembled  to celebrate his 400th birthday !
You can use the work in various ways maybe just reading it or printing off copies for others to read or perhaps just play with statistics and analyze the text for word counts.
Besides the obvious Paradise Lost there is also a work called Areopagitica. It starts with a quote that caught my attention straight away;

 <br />This is true liberty, when free-born men,</pre> <pre id="7">Having to advise the public, may speak free,</pre> <pre id="8">Which he who can, and will, deserves high praise;</pre> <pre id="9">Who neither can, nor will, may hold his peace:</pre>  <pre id="11">What can be juster in a state than this?   </pre> <pre id="12">        Euripid.  Hicetid.

I came across this site whilst searching the web for more info. on Robert Luxemberg the film maker, as I would like to see his film “Madeleine” (probably spelt wrong) about images we cannot own. In it pictures of unattainable women flash by on screen, but it’s not just the women we can never “have” but also the images themselves, they will never be ours. It was referenced in “Steal This Film 2” but I cannot locate it any where else.
If any body could provide a link please do.

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