LOST ? Check your distribution

How bizarre, I think i’ve realised why I think i’m going a bit mad sometimes.
Its because before I installed Ubuntu 8.10 I had been using Linux Mint 6. Linux Mint, like a lot of distributions has it’s own way of doing things or laying things out, and has it’s own set of features and default tools. But now i’m using Ubuntu, and because Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, it keeps fooling me with either missing options or a set of defaults different to the one’s i’m used to, or the “wrong” available programs making me search every where wondering where I saw something. Its only when I become truly exasperated that it dawn’s on me that it was a different distribution………..sigh. Anybody else have this problem ? .
Of course it would be very boring if distributions were all the same as it would remove a lot of choice and I guess that’s why you get die hard fans of each distro. For me I really like the look of Fedora but Ubuntu and Mint have been so easy to work with it may have to wait a bit longer before being installed. I imagine you have got your own favourite so feel free to share your distribution tales here.

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