Should Microsoft give Windows 7 away or Ubuntu

Digg – Why Microsoft Should Give Windows 7 Away

Ah, Bless them, they’re getting themselves all worked up and hot and bothered all because Vista turned out to be rubbish (you don’t say). It’s also, according to some of the posters “really stupid to give away your software”, so Ubuntu, Fedora Gnewsense and others take note, you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t follow Microsoft’s marketing techniques. 🙂
Its sad really reading peoples squabbles about an Operating System they should probably abandon anyway rather than get a refund for, they’ve obviously been mistreated by their distributor why allow them to do it again ?.

Should people get Windows 7 free if they are not satisfied with Vista, no, they should be given a FREE Operating System and then they don’t need to feel like they’re being robbed when it doesn’t turn out to be what they want.

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