NATO’s Cyber Defence Warriors should use GNU/Linux

Trojan horse
If they open the attachment then a sophisticated “worm” or “trojan” can, in theory, take over their computer, scan its files, send them on, delete them, or perhaps most damagingly, alter them without the user knowing.

So we can safely say they are not using a FREE operating system like Linux then because this type of scene would be a lot harder.
Whats more to describe them as Cyber Defence Warriors is more than a little worrying considering there presumed lack of security knowledge. So in my opinion the best thing they could do to tighten up security would be to switch to a strong hardened operating system and as they are probably already hooked up with Microsoft in one form or another I recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from Novell.
I appreciate it’s not really FREE software but probably safer for all of us if they use that rather than the dreaded MS W.
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BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Nato’s cyber defence warriors

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