Compare the market – well unless your Microsoft, in which case destroy the market.

Are Microsoft Partners Spreading Open-Source Fear? – Software – IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness

Well it might be nonsense but somebody is banding this about as news so I thought I would jump in and get a bit of the free publicity whilst its going.
You certainly have to wonder about a company who gets closely involved with one of the big Linux players like Novell and then starts spreading FUD amongst its team and asking them to disseminate it amongst there customers/prospects etc..
Well Microsoft won’t be doing this out of stupidity, this won’t be because it seemed like a good idea, no, this will be cold and calculated. Microsoft likemost large corporations will do what they have too to stay on top, including spreading the FUD. After all if you product can’t stand direct comparison why not just slag off the oposition, oh and whilst at it try and make out the whole FREE software/Open Source thing is perceived by the public as a “bad thing”
Unfortunately they employ a lot of skilled marketeers who will relish the chalenge of lying about the alternatives (Linux etc.) so if any one receives a call from the old MS let them know we don’t beleive the hype, its a sequel, to Windows 3.1,95.98,2000,XP,Vista, and now Windows 7. inform them that the FREE software GNU/Linux community doesn’t need to ring people up to tell them MS Windows is awful, those people are using it and it’s blue screens everyday and know its awful šŸ™‚

So please stop saying “but Windows 7 is much better”, I know, i’m sure it is better than Windows 98, but so what.


2 thoughts on “Compare the market – well unless your Microsoft, in which case destroy the market.

  1. is it can be tinfoil hat time now please?

    seriously please post/write more intresting articles about linux/open software rather than troll microsoft everyone hates windows on the internet its a fashion statment its cool to hate the big guys but it sure is borning reading about it/ end of rant ^_^

    • Thanks for commenting Dani but did you read the article or just see the word Microsoft and jump in to defend them? so you think I am doing what i’m accusing MS of doing ? please, read, think, post.

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