How the Universe got off to a Good Start and why most of us left while it was still forming

So being a bit of a Geek I love reading about technology, particularly mind bending thought provoking articles. So I was delighted to come across the India Daily.
What a fantastic collection of Science/Mythology/Cosmology they have there, just how I like my “science”.
Now i’m sure “scientists” are horrified by the technology “news” over there but to be honest a lot of it reads quite well, in otherwords, to a layman it seems quite plausable. Of course its always been a fine line between Science and Science Fiction with Sci-Fi leading the way in new ideas only to have them vindicated by scientists at a later date.
So even if you think the India Times is Sci-Fi and not proper science, in the future when the India Daily articles turn out to be true you can thank them for preparing us all for the future with there incredible tales of UFO’s and Parallel Universes and why most of us left the Universe we know just after the Big Bang with the British leaving slightly later having had to wait for afternoon tea before being able to get on with anything.

India Daily – Technology

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