How to OWN any Linux box otherwise known as “A Cry for HELP”

Although Linux is known for its security amongst other things it seems to be frighteningly easy to reset the Root password thereby giving you complete access to ALL the files of ANY user on the system, this seems like a major oversight that should have been locked down a long time ago or perhaps i’m missing something if anybody can enlighten me. I realise you could remove the Shutdown/Restart options from a desktop or BIOS lock a computer but surely there must be another way, at least in Windows you have to reboot with a LIVE CD to reset the Administrator password.
Please feel free to share any ideas on this subject.
It was the excellent gHacks website that reminded me of this, you can read more here How To Reset the Root Password in Linux


2 thoughts on “How to OWN any Linux box otherwise known as “A Cry for HELP”

  1. It is important to note this is only usable in certain stupid distributions that do things the WRONG way.
    Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch are all examples of popular distributions that do NOT allow this to happen.

    Oh, and even if you’re on a distro made by idiots, you can easily turn it off.

    • Hi i’m using Ubuntu so I think you are wrong on that one, and do you mean Red Hat and SUSE are stupid distributions because they also allow this, still if you can easily turn it off as you suggest please enlighten us. Remember I had already commented on how to lock out the BIOS for instance and was asking for less of a sledgehammer approach on this one.

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