tovid or not tovid, make a DVD Movie in Linux tonight, well maybe a bit of tommorow as well…..

Well I say yes, a resounding whole hearted YES.
I needed to make a DVD of HD definition Manufacturers Demos for trying out the Folks new Viera Widescreen.
First I collected all the material I would need from VUZE (Azureus) there is some beautiful demo’s out there including the “HITACHI HD DEMO 1080P 18M” and “Samsung Demo – The Beauty Of Nature“.
I wasn’t sure which tool to use to convert the Matroska (MKV) files and tried Brasero and DVD Encoder OGMRip before searching for advice, from a Linux point of view there was no choice really; DeVeDe or tovid. Well the DeVeDe turned out to be a dead end so I installed tovid with the remarkably easy instructions, well actually I think I had done the sudo apt-get install tovid by then but anyway installed and in the menu it was.

It is pretty straight forward to use simply asking you to set a format (DVD in my case) and selecting your movie files (the MKV’s in this case) I clicked start encoding and, nothing happened, except it had but it’s not obvious, look carefully at the bottom and you will see “Commands left to run”.
If you have encoded files before you will be aware this can “take some time” so I decided this was a cue for me to take the Ebay parcels to the Post Office. I was keen on my return to see my freshly burnt (HD) DVD, um, bit keen I think and went off for lunch. It was done when I got back however I say it was done I had forgotten to tick “Burn to disc” so I had to set it all going again, arghhh 🙂
I wont bore you with the rest of the details ( too late I hear you say) sufice to say I launched K3B and used it’s excellent “Make Video DVD” option, I dropped the newly created files from tovid into the relevant “VIDEO_TS” folder and burnt it from there.
Success, yes, sort of, the quality was abysmal and when played back on the Viera the contrast caused the pictures to appear very “washed out”, Hey Ho, as my mate Malc would say, although to be honest its just down to fine tuning now, pretty easy really, for LInux, hey, who said that…..

Using the tovid GUI :simple ( tovidgui -s ) – Tovid Wiki


One thought on “tovid or not tovid, make a DVD Movie in Linux tonight, well maybe a bit of tommorow as well…..

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