Are Microsoft and Ebay ignoring illegal OEM software sales.

Ebay are making Microsoft OEM licence sales a joke, now me personally I don’t think you should bother with MS products but if you must, make sure you conform to the OEM licence agreement.
Basicaly if a seller offers you a Microsoft Operating System OEM product without selling you a NEW PC then the licence is invalid and both party’s have broken the licensing agreement.
Mind you you would think the sellers would;
A) Read the OEM Licence agreement (and I mean a recent one)
B) Be contacted by Microsoft or if they are selling on Ebay perhaps someone from there should do something.
Trouble is of course that there is a lot of MONEY at stake and neither Microsoft, Ebay or the sellers themselves intend changing there ways and of course they won’t be forced too because they provide so much money, “Money is the Law” as my mate Dani say’s. Damn Right, it’s pretty sickening though.
Meanwhile they ban my Brother for selling GNU software simply because they cannot comprehend a licence that gives you FREEDOM instead of taking it away.
Next time you, dear reader, are in the market for an Operating System perhaps you should try the GNU way. LEGAL & FREE


4 thoughts on “Are Microsoft and Ebay ignoring illegal OEM software sales.

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  2. Its true money makes the laws but seriously I see oem windows been sold everywhere on their own even bigs online pc shops no one seems to care You would think microsoft would care i mean their loosing money at the end of the day then again I guess they would be happy that someone even wants to buy vista at oem price rather than not at all, I know which id choose 🙂

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