Who needs Windows when you’ve got Doors !

Scary WINE-DOORS web page

Scary WINE-DOORS web page

To be fair if you are new to Linux and saw this screen you could be forgiven for screaming, throwing your hands in the air and running out the room, not necessarily in that order. So we’ll do it the Jazzy Jeph way (read v. easy).
First go HERE and download either the .deb file for Debian/Ubuntu or the .rpm for Fedora and er, Fedora. Double clicking the .deb file for me loads the GDebi package installer and then, just because you are all watching, tells me ;

Well OK thats cool, close GDebi and open Synaptic package manager, type setxkbmap into the search box and, lo and behold its installed already 🙂 I love linux me……
Then confirm by issuing the setxkbmap -help command in a terminal just to confirm its there;

Right, so I check the dependencies list at the bottom of the download page and realise I didn’t install WINE first, DOH., but to be fair I thought WINE DOORS installed WINE as well
Now, it doesnt actualy say that this is the problem but it did say setxkbmap wasn’t installed when it was so maybe its a bit confused, bless it’s little cotton socks.
Download WINE, no, use Synaptic it’s easier, oh wait cue for an apt-get;

Oh of course you need to become root for a moment so use sudo

Oh and close Synaptic, im not having a good day, maybe its because i’m blogging and trying to teach at the same time and listen to “Keys” by “Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm” from “A Tribute To Brother Weldon” (listen to it you’ll see why)
OK you’ve assumed root, closed Synaptic and tried again and of course it works this time. Lets try WINE-DOORS again, nope still unsatisfied dependency. I’ve installed WINE-DOORS several times on different machines so i’m at a loss here. I’ll research it but in the meantime if any body would like to illuminate me it would be much appreciated.
Installing Wine-Doors | Wine-Doors


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