They Shoot, They Score, They get a wacking great PRS bill

I’m not a football fan but I think this article regarding Oldham Athletics 600% increase for playing extracts of music when a goal is scored might be relevant to the whole FREE software or Creative Commons concept.
This obsession with royalties really beggars belief sometimes. I can appreciate as an artist you might like to be rewarded for your work but would you really expect to be paid every time a goal is scored and a snippet of your song is used? Each time that snippet of music is used it boosts the popularity of you the artist establishing you more in peoples minds, this in turn no doubt leads to increased sales of your work, something i’m sure you respect. So why the PRS wants to try and ruin it by increasing the fees 600% ! I have no idea, it’s just stupidity.
So here we go once again, I do know why they have done it, its about MONEY. Its not really about the artist, its not really about the football match, its not even really about the music, its about a big business wanting to be bigger in its quest for domination in the market.
Wether or not you agree with the PRS seems irrelevant now as all they are doing is making themselves look completley out of touch, imposing this unfair increase and having no regard or understanding for the situation is not doing them any favours at all. However with any luck this will produce a negative portrayal of the PRS and may well have an interesting effect, ie: they will start LOSING MONEY, yes, bet they understood that.
Stupid stupid people, PRS you scored an OWN GOAL.

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One thought on “They Shoot, They Score, They get a wacking great PRS bill

  1. Sadly big companys are getting extremly greedy and at a time where there are few jobs and people just don’t have the money to spend on “entertainment” over other more important things like food these companys seem to be using it as an exscuse to be even more greedy where ever possible.

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