Microsoft’s attempts to be Open Source with Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Unfortunately they forgot to mention the Open Source bit and blatantly ripped the code from somewhere else and inserted into their own without reference to the GPL. reporting on Rafael Rivera Jr’s blog that broke the news.
“Microsoft did not offer or provide source code for their modifications to ImageMaster nor their tool [as required] according to GPLv2,” Rivera’s post continued. Additionally, Microsoft inserted some of its own proprietary licensing language into the migration tool’s license — also in violation of GPLv2, he said.”

Here is a photo comparing the code.

Now this suggests 2 things

1) Microsoft are prepared to steal code and or evade a legal licence something you or I would be punished for.
2) They concede that Open Source is the best way to go 🙂

Now i,m pretty disgusted that a large corporation that will do anything to protect its own work should be so willing to steal someone elses, I mean isn’t that what Proprietory software is about? and aren’t MS the biggest supporters of that?
Its Theft and its Underhand and Dirty and they should be prosecuted for this.
By the way It is well worth noting Bradley M. Kuhn‘s comments as he is one of the few people who specialise in this type of law.

Just coz Microsoft got a big deal with the CIA doesn’t mean they can do anything they like, whats that? they can? oh, OK

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool Image Master
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