Keeping the Status Quo or Be told, “The state should not start fighting Microsoft Corporation”

Cash-strapped Latvia mulls switching from Microsoft

I thought this comment the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association, a group representing information technology firms in Latvia was interesting.

“The state should not start fighting Microsoft Corporation or any other company, but rather use information and computer technology to raise the effectiveness of the government’s apparatus,” the association said in an open letter to the Dombrovskis’ government.

I’ve italicized the revealing bit, do they genuinely think that FREE/Open Source software can not do that and be a cheaper option as well or did they just believe someone else’s without even trying out any of the FREE/LIBRE software out there. Now who do you suppose that might have been.

I think it’s a scam as usual with Microsoft pouring money into the keeping the “statu quo”(I put the original latin version to avoid any “Status Quo the Band” fans feeling they had been conned over here :))

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