For sale: spyware, malware and viruses or Microsoft carry on helping illegal software sales

I received an email from Microsoft this morning telling me about how Software Piracy is the root of all evil and bragging about what they have been doing about it. I was that annoyed that I sent a quick reply that I have pasted below.
Mind you I missed an opportunity to tell them that the security threats are caused by there software as just copying an Operating System from one disc to another doesn’t some how infect it with Spyware/Malware, sigh….when will they learn.

Dear Sir/Madam
RE:For sale: spyware, malware and viruses

I use Linux so I can copy and sell software legally, but it annoys me when Microsoft puts out information like;

Pirated software can leave your customers open to security threats, as well as damaging your revenue and reputation. That’s why Microsoft continues to crack down on offenders; protecting customers and helping legitimate resellers earn the rewards they deserve.
but then fails to do any thing about it.

Every day on Ebay hundreds of copies of illegal Microsoft software is sold (for example, search for XP/Vista Black edition). I know it has been reported to yourselves and Ebay directly but nothing ever changes.
Sending me a list of just 22 companies (and how many even sold on Ebay) that have been prosecuted is not impressive.
A bit less time putting down Linux and it’s sellers and a bit more time putting your money where your mouth is would impress me though.

Of course what you should do is follow the GNU/GPL and you wouldn’t have these problems any way.
jazzy jeph

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