What’s the easiest Backup software for linux – Back up your stuff, NOW!

Well at first glance they all appear to need a lot of dependencies satisfying so i’m going to look for something more like a complete package, after all if you are in a hurry to perform a back up you really don’t need to be attempting to check your system first for things like that, you just need to back up now !
So “Simple Linux Backup” is not going to be simple from our point of view. What about “Back in Time” now this looks more like it. So download the file either by clicking HERE and fetching the pre compiled easy “deb” file and the common file or if you are hardcore typing;
wget http://backintime.le-web.org/download/backintime/backintime-0.9.26_src.tar.gz
in a terminal.
So if you took the easy way
You can double click the backintime-common-0.9.26_all.deb and install and then double click backintime-gnome-0.9.26_all.deb and install that, now go to Applications/System Tools/Backintime and backup your stuff NOW!
If you took the hardcore root (tee hee) follow the instructions below;
O.K lets open the archive and see whats inside, “right click” the backintime-0.9.26_src.tar.gz archive and select “extract here” double click on the folder and you should see something like the picture below.

Double click the “README” file and when prompted with the following message select display

The bit that’s relevant to us is this

Now you need to open a terminal (if you haven’t already) and type those commands for your Desktop Manager ie: GNOME or KDE, i’m using GNOME so I type the usual 3 commands from the GNOME sub directory

sudo make install

remember to assume root for the last command by typing “sudo”

when it has completed type “backintime” and backup your stuff NOW!

Hope that helps and please comment with any alternatives you may have used.

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