“Threatening to pull out of China is like threatening to spit on a whale” and other ludicrous statements

I must admit working for the BBC or the Guardian would be kind of cool but I would need to hang on to my roots and not ignore the poor folk who have no media contacts or exciting media related jobs where we call each other luvvy and pat each other on the back.

Take this from Bill Thompson, “an independent journalist and regular commentator on the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet. ” who had written an article on the BBC’s website.
In it he wrote “ (Google) Threatening to pull out of China is like threatening to spit on a whale – What ? what does that actually mean ?
People in privileged positions need to think carefully about what they write and report, you are paid a fair amount of money and we don’t want to read nonsense, of which that statement obviously is. So I decided to read more of his articles;
“I booted in FireWire mode and tried to seee (sic) the disk” – What, What are you talking about ? what is Firewire mode ?
Well i’ll tell you, as Bill failed to do so (he assumes we are all tech. aware Mac owners) it refers to booting from a different device, normally a computer will boot from your Hard Disk/Drive but there are times your computer may need to boot from other Media, a rescue disk etc. So now you’ve mentioned it Bill how do we do it ? no, don’t think he’s going to tell you, so I will, the command you require is “Press T during startup – Start up in FireWire Target Disk mode ” you can visit the website were I picked up that tip, plus loads of other usefull advice.
What else does he write about, well there is “how good Microsoft are” and “how good Apple are” and “what you can buy for your Apple Ipod” and how he’s a busy man doing, well, I would say, selling Apple and Microsoft products, both of which are closed source, so to then read his tale of Security woes where he praises an open system and the sharing of information but then fails to mention free/open source software as being integral to this model suggests to me its just about consumerism.
So Bill, we don’t care about your iPod but we do care what “Firewire mode” might be and we do care about security and secure software, but we don’t care that it took a you a while to log into Facebook one morning because your laptop took ages to boot, sigh…. What we do care about is that you are supposed to be independant and techno literate, so please start tailoring your articles accordingly.


One thought on ““Threatening to pull out of China is like threatening to spit on a whale” and other ludicrous statements

  1. Google has already crossed the threshold from be a proponent of freedom to a creator of public opinion. It’s organisation has been penetrated by the ‘thought police’ and it’s search engine used to push big business social engineering agendas and the distorted politics of global governance.

    Because of this, in the fullness of time, it will fail.

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