Is it worth reading – FREE/Open Source reviews on the Web vs Buying a good old Book

I some times think i’d be better off buying all the books and magazines I need to read as opposed to trying to read the online versions which seem to suffer from “txt spk”, poor writing and content, all right I appreciate mine isn’t exactly skilled but I do try, most of the time 🙂

I don’t want to read “fanbwoi” articles, I don’t want to read, “linux command line suck” I don’t want to read “we just got given a load of expensive kit you could never afford and isn’t even anything to do with Linux or FREE/Open Source (Read iPod, iPhone reviews, ,m, cough, ahem)

So would anybody like to recommend some printed books ? Yes, pretty revolutionary I know but lets try and think “old school” for a minute.
I’ll start by recommending “Linux Pocket Guide” by Daniel J Barrett (yup same guy, and whats more for all you old hippies out there,  he worked with “Gentle Giant” man….) and produced by O’reilly publishers (who seem to produce all the best geeky books), small, pocket sized and comprehensive, a good reference with plenty of working examples. £3.99 off Ebay, what a bargain.Technorati Tags: , ,


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