Fake Linux Windows 7 Linux Best Linux Ever 2012 et al

I’m getting fed up with this, I am starting to read BS everywhere regarding Linux, the trouble is there are too many idiots out there who don’t care what Linux is about as long as they can spam you with some rubbish (http://unix.org.in for instance or http://i486.net/category/unix/).
Let me clear up a couple of things for you if you have had the misfortune to go to websites like that;
Linux is NOT Windows – If someone tells you it is they do not know Linux,
Quote “There are same sort of virus’s for Linux as there are for Windows” – No, there isn’t, virus’s for Linux are very rare and you would have to go out of your way to infect your machine.
Microsoft DO NOT make any form of Linux so “XP 2010 7 Linux” is probably just a scam. iPod Linux is also just an excuse to use iPod in the webpage tag’s.
The real site’s to trust regarding Linux would be site’s like – http://www.unix.org/http://www.linux.org/http://www.linux.com/http://www.linuxquestions.org/ etc.

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One thought on “Fake Linux Windows 7 Linux Best Linux Ever 2012 et al

  1. Actually just wanted to point out, that I do indeed have linux installed on my ipod – so ipod linux is a valid link (in some cases). It is a debian base, and apt-get would probably work, except the wifi doesnt for some reason :p other than that, great article

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