Additional Graphic card Driver’s ATI and Nvidia missing in Linux

I’ve been swapping over graphic cards recently and managed to mess up my drivers. It started with me removing my 7300GS and replacing with a HD4350 ummm, not a good idea I don’t seem to be able to find the right driver’s so I popped the 7300GS back in, now In Ubuntu it used to be possible to use a program called EnvyNG which would install ATI/Nvidia. Now in Linux Mint they are usualy listed under Additional Drivers but now I have none showing at all. I tried a quick Google but no answers forth coming there. Any way I popped across to Nvidia’s website and picked up the latest Ubuntu drivers, “” they wont install from a desktop so reboot and select Linux Mint recovery then at the prompt “drop to root shell” install from there it will tell you you are still in the wrong “runlevel” but explain how to switch to it and run the install file (Telinit 3 I think)
Having done this I ran the install file being sure to put “./” at the beginning as in “./” having done that I rebooted and tried to use my graphic’s, no go unless I was “root” hummmm, go into USER management and add youself to the “video” group, log out and back in again to be sure.
Job done graphic driver’s updated.


3 thoughts on “Additional Graphic card Driver’s ATI and Nvidia missing in Linux

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