“Hi. We have no records on you.” Torrent use illegal say’s website.

You Have Downloaded – We show what you downloaded

“Hi. We have no records on you.

This means you are using a private torrent tracker or, of course, you may not be a torrent user at all! It happens.”

And your point is ? are you trying to suggest that the use of Torrents is illegal ? Well I have been downloading with Torrents so you got that wrong, I have the new Fedora the New Ubuntu, Android for ASUS Laptop and the latest Haiku. I give your website 3 out of 10 and mark it “Must try harder”

Ahhh I see, just found this on there website;
“We are also trying to apply this database to advertising. About 10% of all online shoppers, in the US, are torrent users as well. Knowing what they download might be useful market research.”


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