Lets get Google

Technewsworld posted this article asking “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?” and quoted John Bumgarner, chief technology officer for the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unitwho said ;

“These guys were able to go out and pick up WiFi signals and based on those WiFi signals pinpoint information about users,”  “That gave them a huge advantage over Microsoft because then they could do better targeted marketing.”

“It was an unfair competitive advantage,”


So my question to John Bumgarner would be;
Aren’t you always arguing that Google collecting all this sort of information is wrong ? and if so then no one should have it, certainly not Microsoft, Yahoo or any of them. Are you complaining that Google collected so much private information it was an invasion of privacy or is it that Google had information that was private but Yahoo and Microsoft should also have been allowed to have it and who cares about privacy when you can make money out of the populations personal information ? because that’s how it reads to me.

And of course take the word “Wardriving” out of the article title and it might as well read “Does Google have a competitive Edge ?” which you would hope a business had but that doesn’t quite grab the attention like “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?”

Come on Technewsworld you have the word “news” in your name please try and report just that.


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