Booting into a new or LIVE operating system

In this article I am using JackAudioDistribution but other discs will be similar.
Place the CD/DVD in your DVD/CD drive and reboot, you may see some text displayed on a black background, it will then turn to a green screen marked “Install/Boot Options”.
Using the keyboard, key down to select “JAD-LIVE-SYSTEM
The computer will now start to boot into JAD(Jacklab)
You will get to a selection screen where you can choose keyboard type and your location (ie U.K) and select screen resolution (ie 1024×768) following that is detection of soundcard.
Finaly you will arrive at your desktop.
I would then recommend heading over to
I hope that helps but feel free to contact me anytime for further help.

If your PC does not seem to run the DVD you may have to  configure your BIOS to “Boot from CD/DVD” how that is done varies from  PC to PC but you usually press Delete or F2 to enter setup and select options from a Boot Menu.


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