Dont just install Windows programs in Linux, install Windows in Linux !

I have used VirtualBox an Emulator in the past to get Linux running from within XP, so I thought I would try the Linux version and run XP in Linux. Using the Synaptic package manager in Linux Mint makes installing packages like VirtualBox very easy. If you are using a distribution that doesn’t allow easy installations of new software this might be the time to look for a replacement.
Setup of VirtualBox is easy too, just requiring you to select a boot medium and hard drives if required.
So place your Windows disc in the CD/DVD drive and set up a 4GB virtual hard drive, then just click Start, a new window will open looking very similar to a BIOS screen, (you may have seen one similar when starting your PC), then your Windows disc should start running, unfortunately I received a warning;
“VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (RC=-1908) not loaded or permission problem. Try running “/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup” in a Terminal.”
Further down this article you can read more about this but do you know what happened next ? I got bored to be honest, even with all the help available on the forums I couldn,t sort it so then I thought of a cunning plan and popped over to Wikipedia and looked for an article comparing virtual machines, and whilst in there I was reminded of QEMU.
Now I have experience of QEMU as it can boot my DamnSmallLinux USB drive from within Windows so i’m suprised I didn,t think of using it in reverse as per VirtualBox, but I had always thought of QEMU as a sort of DosBOX aimed more at DOS than Windows. So using Synaptic again I installed QEMU and QTEMU the graphical interface for QEMU.
Well it worked just fine for me and it wasn’t long before I had a fully functioning desktop.


I would certainly recommend QEMU at the moment and give them 10 out of 10.
My first tests will be to see which Windows games I can get running and what effect the emulation (running one operating system inside of another) has on the performance.

For the techies amongst you the following info. collected whilst trying to get VirtualBox working may be of some use to you.
This is the error message displayed when starting VirtualBox;
“VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (RC=-1908) not loaded or permission problem. Try running “/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup” in a Terminal.”

When I do, I get the message;
“usage start|stop|restart|status”
so no “setup” then :). I checked the status “/etc/init.d/vboxdrv status” which returned the message “VirtualBox Kernel module not loaded”

I have read and folowed through the article at the Ubuntu forum;
$sudo apt-get isntall linux-headers-`uname -r`

$sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

But still no joy, what about “sudo apt-get update” they said ? or perhaps APT needs upgrading ? “sudo apt-get upgrade”

Finally this was suggested;
“Go System>Administration>Users and Groups

Enter Root Password

Manage Groups

Scroll down to VirtualBox Users>Properties

Tick your login name

OK>Close>Close etc


Then have another go at running VirtualBox”

Now I thought I might be getting somewhere here. But alas I do not have the virtualbox users, do I need to make this group?

“Try removing the old module” said Separ on the ubuntuforums;

Which leads me back to installing QEMU instead 🙂

You know you’ve made it when… or why is Homeless Petes music like a bad hairday in Iraq

Homeless Pete submitted this tune he has just crafted and asked for comments, music like this deserves a special type of comment I figure but Nondesigner59‘s says it all really;

“It’s like the Iraq war on bad acid while having a bad hair day. !! but can’t be ignored.”

Now that’s a recommendation if ever I heard one.

PC companies that aren’t so Specialist

So have you ever been treated bad by a PC company ? had to work in dangerous conditions ? did they claim to be Specialist‘s when they were obviously not ? perhaps you bought from them and they took your money then ignored you ? i’d like to hear your Horror Stories , whether as an employee or a customer. Post them now and we’ll make the world a safer place…. what happens when you ignore Health & Safety Regs.

Picture of boxes collapsing on to a forklift truck driver. If proper safety procedures had been in place this could have been avoided.