Ebay decides Sellers Income isn’t enough and must sell advertising space on YOUR listings

If your an Ebay seller you might have noticed this “notification” http://www2.ebay.com/aw/uk/201206.shtml#2012-06-22140618
So I sent them this letter
Displaying text ads on listing pages from private sellers on eBay.co.uk
So on my listings from now on my potential buyers will see adverts from my competitors ? Please tell me that isn’t true because that is completely unfair, are you not getting enough income from Ebay sellers already ?
Anybody else have opinions on this ?

Twin Pack Ubuntu & Kubuntu, Yes to FREE software NO to Virus’s Malware, Spyware etc.

I’m selling a twin pack of Ubuntu and Kubuntu if any body hasn’t got them yet.

Ubuntu 9.10 is the latest release from Mark Shuttleworths Canonical.

There are lots of exciting new features in Ubuntu 9.10 including;

  • The option to encrypt your home folder is worthy especially on mobile devices ie laptops.
  • The Add/Remove software feature has been given an overhaul and renamed Ubuntu Software Centre the selection of FREE software is almost overwhelming, Sound & Video, Internet, Office, Education, Games including;
    F-Spot Photo manager
    Evolution Mail & Contact management
    Brasero DVD/CD burning
    Empathy Instant Messenger with Video camera support
    Music manager
    Transmission Torrent Downloader
  • From boot to a desktop just takes a moment and because Ubuntu 9.10 is also a LIVE CD you can try out all the features before committing it to your computer. When you do decide you do want to install (and you will) its then just a case of a quick selection of Language details and a few questions about your hard drive and the install is underway.
  • In Ubuntu’s time honored tradition the default artwork is Brown ! but this time the orange highlights help to soften the effect.
  • I really should have timed the install it was that quick and it made a mockery of Windows 7 install time, especially when you consider that Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop is ready to run with most of the Office or Internet software already installed.
  • Language support, even the the default install on the CD was able to render most Chinese letters, for instance, without further installation of any software.

This superb Twin Pack of CD’s gives you the choice of Ubuntu Linux using GNOME desktop manager or Kubuntu Linux using the KDE desktop manager, unlike MS Windows Linux users get to choose how they work (or interface) with there PC’s, for instance, you might prefer a clean desktop with no icons where everything is launched from a “right click” with the mouse or perhaps you are more comfortable with a traditional menu bar at the bottom of your screen, either way with Linux you choose the way you work not the Operating System.
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Easy text collection, ScribeFire and Ebay. Er, there is a connection honest.

I’m composing this using ScribeFire a nifty little add-on for Firefox. I can blog pages of interest just by right clicking on them or just start a new blog post from scratch. Well that got me thinking about the best way to produce all the text I need for my Linux news, software sales, Ebay etc. and how it would be nice to blog about the latest software news at the same time so for the next few weeks i’m going to produce all my text from here,

scribefire in action

scribefire in action





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Ebay.com running slow ?

I was investigating why the Ebay.com web servers seem so slow and whilst doing so obtained some interesting advice regarding DNS.
I usually use the DNS servers at NTL/Virgin or but have also tried OpenDNS and However I was intrigued by these and that I found.
Well i’m pleased to report that everything seems to have had a slight performance boost, except Ebay 😦 which is what I was trying to fix. Any ideas/comments as always more than welcome.

Why did the Buy It Now option disappear after the first bid?

I,ve been selling on Ebay for a while now and often wondered why my Buy it Now price disappeared when someone placed a bid, after all I had seen auctions with bids AND the Buy it Now. Well the first site I looked at seemed as confused as I was, suggesting it was 1 rule for all of us but ,after a quick Google I checked Ebay itself and discovered it only apply’s to certain categories, aahh, I see.

Why did the Buy It Now option disappear after the first bid?

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