Make your ASUS eeePC Easypeasy

According to Easypeasy’s wiki ;

” easypeasy is an operating system optimized for netbooks. It favors the best software available by delivering Firefox with Flash and Java, Skype, Google Picasa, Banshee, codecs (ie. mp3) etc. out of the box. easypeasy 1.5 is our latest stable release and was released September 7th, 2009.”
According to me it’s a really easypeasy operating system to use that does everything from the first time you boot it up. The Wireless connection is ready for you, the Function Keys work (most of them, I couldn’t actually switch off the wireless). Out on the internet and Flash websites work, MP3’s play it all “just works”.

Of course it’s not actually FREE as in FREEDOM but if you can live with that and need to be up and running on your eeePC fast it’s definitely worth a look.

Key sequence to boot from USB or External CDRom on an ASUS eeePC

If you are reinstalling your operating system or even just trying different versions on your ASUS eeePC then you may need to select the boot device or your eeePC will keep starting up from the internal drive.
Press the “esc” key after powering on the eeePC, you may need to tap the key a couple of times. You will then be taken to an options screen where you can select the device to boot from ie: USB or CD/DVDRom whichever contains your new distribution.

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Check the temperature of your eeePC CPU with this nifty little command or Is your ASUS eeePC all hot and bothered ?

Check the temperature of your eeePC CPU with this nifty little command;

cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ00/temperature

this is another one of those quick commands you can fire off in a console to get instant information and it’s another one of the reason’s I could never go back to using Windows.

I should point out that this command was issued from within the Easypeasy eeePC distribution not Xandros etc. so i’ll check further on that and your mileage may vary etc. etc.

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