Can Twitter save the Planet ask Stephen Fry

I like Stephen Fry and I applaud his efforts, however I think he maybe too distanced from the world now when he says Twitter will prove to be a “triumph of humanity.”
Now, they smashed up the bus stop near us and graffitied the school walls and i’m just wondering how Twitter might have helped there? I doubt if the perpetrators would know how to send a Tweet and the chances of them having a device to send it from are even less likely.
I think the problem is that for a lot of us we forget we are fortunate enough to have this technology but thousands do not and therefore cannot be part of a future involving technology.

Stephen Fry attacks ‘malevolent’ comments following Twitter spat | Media |

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Keeping the Status Quo or Be told, “The state should not start fighting Microsoft Corporation”

Cash-strapped Latvia mulls switching from Microsoft

I thought this comment the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association, a group representing information technology firms in Latvia was interesting.

“The state should not start fighting Microsoft Corporation or any other company, but rather use information and computer technology to raise the effectiveness of the government’s apparatus,” the association said in an open letter to the Dombrovskis’ government.

I’ve italicized the revealing bit, do they genuinely think that FREE/Open Source software can not do that and be a cheaper option as well or did they just believe someone else’s without even trying out any of the FREE/LIBRE software out there. Now who do you suppose that might have been.

I think it’s a scam as usual with Microsoft pouring money into the keeping the “statu quo”(I put the original latin version to avoid any “Status Quo the Band” fans feeling they had been conned over here :))

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Save the Children

File under FREEDOM
I couldn’t forward this text I received to enough people so i’m placing it here in the hope that people might act on it.
“Save the Children is taking 115K CEASEFIRE demands 2 Downing St @ 3pm today, We need more. Pls ask your friends to txt CEASEFIRE to 81819 Txt STOP 2 Unsubscribe”

Free Media,Freedom,Free Speech and er, Acid

The more I work with GNU/Linux the more I feel caught up in the whole Free Software movement, in fact more than that, the whole concept of Freedom.
But I certainly find it easier to watch or listen to articles regarding Freedom/Free Software than to try and read them from a monitor screen, so if you feel the same way  check out the new Media page i’m creating.
These media items are not just educational but genuinely inspiring as well, for myself i’m on a mission at the moment to get back to the days when I was using programs like Bryce,Truespace,Rebirth and Acid to create images and sound, something I haven’t done for a long time. Of course now I need to find FREE versions to use on my various GNU/Linux versions. In the meantime I have had Sonic Foundry’s Acid Music running through WINE if you don’t mind running a MS Windows program inside your GNU/Linux distro but it does lock up quite often for me so your mileage may vary..

Festive fun and New Year resolutions

I’ve written this article once this morning already but as I tried to add a link I managed to drag half the text from the end to the begining, when I tried to undo I lost all the text, argh !!!!! oh and the NOSCRIPT plugin for Firefox is annoying me sometimes because if you “allow” a page after you have started entering data on it you will lose the input as NOSCRIPT refreshes the page, still a very good plugin though.

I know some of you have been checking the blog regularly over this Festive season (Hi Graham) and wondering where the new articles were, well my excuses are; older son has been home for the holidays and i’ve been away from home quite a bit visiting family, something that made me realise I need a PDA or similar so I can still write and post new info. whilst out and about. Any suggestions on this are most welcome.

I’d just mentioned in the original draft for this post that I was up and about far too early this morning and I need to go for breakfast now, i’ll write more later on the new Fedora and Mint distributions i’ve been using, but to give yourselves something to do in the meantime why don’t you check out this video from Stephen Fry over at or just download using this Torrent.

The United States Of America Vs. Me otherwise known as David and Goliath

Do you know, I’m really, really disappointed, To be honest I don’t rate Guns n Roses (I didn’t say Slash) that much anyway, they turned into a pompous over rated sham rock act along time ago but I thought deep down they might be really “Rock n Roll” at heart. How wrong I was. They have called in the FBI to arrest a dude for streaming music !

So to Axl and his possee I say, you sad gits ! are you really that poor that you are worried by someone streaming your music because it might lose you sales (and I don’t follow the logic there) or has your record company enforced this? If its the record company you need to review who you are signed with. And if you need to earn more money get into touring, as the profit to the band is far higher than from music sales. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Take a leaf out of Nine Inch Nails book with regards to using the new media for the times we live in..
And to SKWERL I suggested;
Can I suggest you work with REAL Rock N Roll artists like Nine Inch Nails who will let you download and even remix some of their songs or perhaps insist on Creative Commons licences. And although I know this is serious, if it gets Guns N Roses played a bit less you have done us all a favour :), on the other hand if you stuck to streaming  Slash’s guitar solo’s you might be OK 🙂

Everyone is jumping on the Open Source Software bandwagon

Everyone is jumping on the Open Source Software bandwagon, allegedly, particularly regarding Linux vs Windows (Capcom version anyone ?).
Now this is “a good thing”, however unfortunately a lot of what is being written is extremely confusing whether arguing for or against, so I thought i’d add my 5pence worth to the debate.

1) As usual the hottest discussions appear to be over the word FREE, now if you have visited my sites before you will know that when we talk of FREE we mean
FREE as in FREEDOM not FREE as in BEER“, Doh!
So I hope that’s cleared up in a line what others are using a whole blog for.

2) Next it would appear to be that Linux is a better Windows, well that’s just plain silly, Linux is different to Windows, i’ve been guilty in the past of telling people that Linux is just like Windows nowadays, but this is just not true. They are different in the same way Internet Explorer and Firefox are different and yet both of those are Web Browsers. Linux and Windows are different and yet both are Operating Systems. And in the same way Firefox is a better browser than Internet Explorer, Linux is a better Operating System than Windows 🙂

3) Legality.  – There is a website out there somewhere that purports to support Linux but is in fact somebody’s page of rants (If I say check the Proof page which leads to a 404 Not Found you may know which site I mean), luckily I cannot remember the Web address but one of the things he will tell you is that Linux stole Microsoft code. Well i’m not a programmer so cannot say for sure and would like some comments on this, but I certainly remember a case involving Microsoft using the TCPIP stack or similar from UNIX and incorporating it into the Windows implementation, hum.

4) If you use Linux you will have to work in a “dos box” – The dreaded command line (DOS/command prompt). Now, I know people who can type fast, I mean really fast and they don’t have one hand on the mouse while they are doing this, and they don’t because they know that using keyboard shortcuts for Bold,Italic new paragraph whatever, is much quicker, so i’m thinking, why click around everywhere perhaps batch processing some photo’s when you can type some commands in a console/terminal and usually achieve a whole lot more a whole lot quicker.

5) “There has not yet been a single widespread Linux malware threat of the type that Microsoft Windows software currently faces” according to Wikipedia, and if you search Google for Linux Virus the most recent discussion of a Linux virus is 2001. Don’t get me wrong, I know about “Bad Bunny” that affected Open for instance, but I believe that is more of a Java issue not a Linux one. Of course there may be some cracker out there right now desperately trying to produce something, but any vulnerabilities he finds will no doubt get patched so quickly, that it probably wouldn’t get chance to travel around the world infecting everybody in the same way as Sasser, SoBig etc. did.

So thats a start, feel free to comment if you would like to add any further info. to this