Lets get Google

Technewsworld posted this article asking “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?” and quoted John Bumgarner, chief technology officer for the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unitwho said ;

“These guys were able to go out and pick up WiFi signals and based on those WiFi signals pinpoint information about users,”  “That gave them a huge advantage over Microsoft because then they could do better targeted marketing.”

“It was an unfair competitive advantage,”


So my question to John Bumgarner would be;
Aren’t you always arguing that Google collecting all this sort of information is wrong ? and if so then no one should have it, certainly not Microsoft, Yahoo or any of them. Are you complaining that Google collected so much private information it was an invasion of privacy or is it that Google had information that was private but Yahoo and Microsoft should also have been allowed to have it and who cares about privacy when you can make money out of the populations personal information ? because that’s how it reads to me.

And of course take the word “Wardriving” out of the article title and it might as well read “Does Google have a competitive Edge ?” which you would hope a business had but that doesn’t quite grab the attention like “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?”

Come on Technewsworld you have the word “news” in your name please try and report just that.

Why I might need to stop defending Google :(

I had to post this comment over at the excellent ghacks website after reading another embarrassing Google Up to No Good (GUNG) © article.

“Will you news sites stop revealing all this stuff about Google please, they used to be my hero’s back in the day’s of “Portal” homepages there minimalist Google search page loading so quickly compared to the “portal” pages, they were a genuinely “good thing” and now look at them a multi-million pound empire intent on world destruction (sigh)”

Are Google really as bad as they are being portrayed now ?

Comments on this one definitely welcome.

Kevin Brennan, MP for Cardiff West and the Big Bad Google

Kevin Brennan, MP for Cardiff West, launched an attack on Google in Parliament saying;.

” I have just googled “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, and the first five results offered a free download of that track on Google. Why does a Google search not direct people to a legal site where they could purchase the track?”
Er really, it doesn’t for me and several other people that I know. What browser are you using and how much spyware is on it. I reckon your running IE7 that’s riddled with spyware, you see Kevin if you had used a browser like Chrome an Open Source software developed by Google, you probably would have got the results we did.

My version of a kevin brennan search

My version of a kevin brennan search

You need to learn about technology a bit more before making silly comments. Oh and Alicia Keys and Jay-Z ? was that to get the “youth” vote.

Google search becoming less reliable or accurate

 I don’t know if anybody else has noticed that the accuracy of Google’s search results seems to be falling, I would Redhat to appear at the top of the results but instead I get redhatsalsa.com ! I tried with IXQUICK and redhat.com was top of the list. Any ideas ?, is it to do with paid promotion of websites in Google’s search results ?

redhat – Google Search

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Hi, My names Google and i’ve gone mad

Google, NSA may team up over cyberattacks: report – Yahoo! News

“Google is finalizing a deal that would let the National Security Agency help it investigate a corporate espionage attack that may have originated in China”
Now that’s interesting, Google are getting a lot of flak over privacy issues for sharing our data, either willingly (marketing) or unwillingly (cracking), so to put our minds at rest they have teamed up with “the world’s most powerful electronic surveillance organization” um, makes me feel much better, anybody tried Yauba ? apart from all the returned results that reference documents that are all in proprietory formats, it’s an interesting way to have your resuls displayed, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

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Make your ASUS eeePC Easypeasy

According to Easypeasy’s wiki ;

” easypeasy is an operating system optimized for netbooks. It favors the best software available by delivering Firefox with Flash and Java, Skype, Google Picasa, Banshee, codecs (ie. mp3) etc. out of the box. easypeasy 1.5 is our latest stable release and was released September 7th, 2009.”
According to me it’s a really easypeasy operating system to use that does everything from the first time you boot it up. The Wireless connection is ready for you, the Function Keys work (most of them, I couldn’t actually switch off the wireless). Out on the internet and Flash websites work, MP3’s play it all “just works”.

Of course it’s not actually FREE as in FREEDOM but if you can live with that and need to be up and running on your eeePC fast it’s definitely worth a look.