Ebay.com running slow ?

I was investigating why the Ebay.com web servers seem so slow and whilst doing so obtained some interesting advice regarding DNS.
I usually use the DNS servers at NTL/Virgin or but have also tried OpenDNS and However I was intrigued by these and that I found.
Well i’m pleased to report that everything seems to have had a slight performance boost, except Ebay 😦 which is what I was trying to fix. Any ideas/comments as always more than welcome.


How a search engine became an operating system

I’ve been watching Google evolve over the years from a humble search engine to a, well, I was going to say “mammoth size jack of all trades” but they are a bit more specialised than that. When I came across gOS last year and found people jokingly referring to it as Google operating system I realised it wouldn’t be long before Google did just that, made their own version of an operating system, and there was a good chance it was going to be based on FREE software. Any way I found this article over at Techrepublic very interesting and would have to agree with most of what is said there, take a look and have a vote while your there. I said YES if your interested, even knowing that what I say here, now, might live to haunt me for ever 🙂

Google vs Microsoft anyone ?

Phreaky ! Setting up the Tesco Internet phone in Ubuntu

Tesco Internet phone
I’ve been trying to set up my Tesco Internet phone also known as the Freshtel FT-102 VoIP USB Phone  in Ubuntu 8.10, my distro of choice at the moment, and although I can install the Tesco software using Wine and use the self test, when I receive an incoming call it closes the connection almost instantly and complains about the sound device. Now that’s OK after all i’m going through a complicated audio chain there i’m guessing by using Wine so I set up Ekiga. Now that accepts my details, lets me call a couple of SIP test sites (sip:600@voxalot.com or sip:telephreak@voip.telephreak.org) but won’t accept my Tesco account settings, it says “Registration failed, Bad request” and a quick google only brought up one related item, suggesting opening up certain ports on the router. Now I don’t mind doing that but would I be able to use Ekiga at all if that was the case, any ideas anyone?

I found the name of the Tesco Internet phone by the way, by typing “lsusb” in a console/terminal.
If you need the settings for the Tesco Internet phone for using with other software (Like Ekiga) I found all the settings at Broadbandbuyer.com. Thanks.

So the Internet went off – Or what to do with a SWEEX wireless router

So the Internet went off, don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I couldn’t connect any more.

Firstly I could no longer obtain an IP address from the router and then I was unable to connect to a network and finally the network disappeared from view completely.
I,m Using a LW050 wireless router and Edimax Detector with the Zydas chipset. The Zydas chipset seems to be supported out the box by most Linux distributions nowadays but I still tried my Belkin USB device with I think the Realtek chipset. I was still unable to find the wireless network. I decided to check if the router was at fault because i’ve been having trouble resetting it although it seems the trick is to unplug the power from the router and then whilst holding the reset button in plug the power back in again. Anyway I plugged my old SWEEX wireless ADSL router in and used it as a wireless access point, i’ve put a lead from the LAN on the old SWEEX to the LAN on the LW050 and turned off DHCP in the old SWEEX. Now everything is fine but the weird thing is the original wireless network now showing again even though I switched off the radio broadcasting on the LW050.

I’ve been working on a friends SONY VAIO PCV V1/G and it’s reminded me hoe all in one ideas are great as long as when something goes wrong, I can still take it apart and fix/rebuild it. The VAIO boots displays the BIOS, checks the drives and then stalls. Apparently it stated doing it occasionally but would boot OK if power was cycled. So i’m thinking BIOS reset to default settings and everything will be OK, but no, so I think a BIOS reset on the motherboard and perhaps a change of memory from the Infineon. Changing the memory could have been harder I suppose, remove 2 screws from the side and lift the back panel. Inside underneath a metal cover are the 2 memory slots. However gaining further access to the VAIO proved pretty impossible “Jobs Tucked” as my mate Aiden would say.
So this got me thinking about FREE as in FREEDOM a concept you may be familiar with when referring to software also known as Open Source. Now I listened to a bit of a radio interview with Richard Stallman by a company producing FREE BEER ! now the funny thing was this Beer was FREE as in FREEDOM but not as in FREE BEER and as I listen to the likes of Richard Stallman I realise his idea of a FREE and OPEN society is a good one and company’s like SONY could learn a lesson from these ideas. Basically there is no help and support available for SONY VAIO’s unless sending it back to SONY and paying a lot of money counts as help and support. Consequently there are a lot of very disappointed and angry customers and PC technicians who are stuck with very expensive door stops. This of course could all be avoided if SONY were a bit more OPEN about the products they sell. If they are worried about new innovations because of there openness it hasn’t hindered the big players in the Linux field and has certainly helped with new ideas and bug fixes something Sony need to address with the VAIO PCV V1/G as reading the forums suggests i,m not the only one with the exact same fault.

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