Key sequence to boot from USB or External CDRom on an ASUS eeePC

If you are reinstalling your operating system or even just trying different versions on your ASUS eeePC then you may need to select the boot device or your eeePC will keep starting up from the internal drive.
Press the “esc” key after powering on the eeePC, you may need to tap the key a couple of times. You will then be taken to an options screen where you can select the device to boot from ie: USB or CD/DVDRom whichever contains your new distribution.

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Thanks for the Memory

I’ve always believed that once power was removed from memory (RAM) the data was lost, now Princeton University have demonstrated this to be false.
If you have confidential information in memory when your computer goes to sleep or is even switched off, a would be cracker/thief could access your data.

This link on Youtube shows how its done. Bit scary don’t you think ?