Lets get Google

Technewsworld posted this article asking “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?” and quoted John Bumgarner, chief technology officer for the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unitwho said ;

“These guys were able to go out and pick up WiFi signals and based on those WiFi signals pinpoint information about users,”  “That gave them a huge advantage over Microsoft because then they could do better targeted marketing.”

“It was an unfair competitive advantage,”


So my question to John Bumgarner would be;
Aren’t you always arguing that Google collecting all this sort of information is wrong ? and if so then no one should have it, certainly not Microsoft, Yahoo or any of them. Are you complaining that Google collected so much private information it was an invasion of privacy or is it that Google had information that was private but Yahoo and Microsoft should also have been allowed to have it and who cares about privacy when you can make money out of the populations personal information ? because that’s how it reads to me.

And of course take the word “Wardriving” out of the article title and it might as well read “Does Google have a competitive Edge ?” which you would hope a business had but that doesn’t quite grab the attention like “Did Google’s Wardriving Ways Give It a Competitive Edge?”

Come on Technewsworld you have the word “news” in your name please try and report just that.


Move over MS Office LibreOffice 3.5 Available now

A new version of the excellent LibreOffice is now available, the picture below shows some of the new features;





I must admit that I can see no reason to spend £341.29 on MS Office when LibreOffice is this good, there is;

Presentation Software – Impress

Writing Software – Writer

Database Software – Base

Spreadsheet Software – Calc

Diagram and Sketch Software – Draw

there is even a built in Equation Editor – Math to “lay-out and display your mathematical, chemical, electrical or scientific equations quickly in standard written notation.”

In fact for the MS Office price of £341.29 you could buy a new PC or Laptop and have LibreOffice included for free !











Amazon & Microsoft what a pair of Trolls

Hahahahahaha, ooooh, hahahaha oh dear 6.45am is not the time for trolls, do your worst you pathetic companies.

Amazon, Microsoft sign patent deal | Beyond Binary – CNET News

Microsoft has maintained that many implementations of Linux infringe on its patents and has signed numerous licensing deals that cover Linux with both companies that sell Linux-based software and those that use the operating system in their hardware.

Microsoft – Rumours of our Black Screen of Death are greatly exagerated

Nice, the epruption over Microsoft”s “Black Screen of Death” seems to be that NO its not related to any Security Updates but YES, “we do know that ‘black screen’ behavior is associated with some malware families such as Daonol.” My mate Aiden had already reported that of the hundreds of Microsoft PC’s that have passed through the company he works for (poor lad) they have NEVER had the “Black Screen of Death” issue, unless caused by faulty graphics drivers.

Microsoft’s MSRC reveals there take on it.

So 1] PREVX when you dislike “proprietary” software as much as us please give us well researched facts,  ie; discuss Windows problems with MS first.
     2] Everyone Else Use a strong operating system in the first place and keep it updated, any version of SELinux should do.

Malware suspected of “Black Screen” issue

‘Black screen of death’ for some Windows users – Security- msnbc.com

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Wired Magazine claim Google Chrome OS should be more Microsoft compatible, sigh…

I think Brian Chen may be just winding us up in this article where he complains about Open Source/FREE software not being compatible with MS Office formats. Now even I know that Microsoft’s version of a document standard is completely different to every one else’s, so what is needed is Microsoft to make MS Office compatible with the Open Document standard.
Come on Brian there are enough people trolling Linux users without you taking a cheap shot across the bow as well.

Why Google Should Cool It With Chrome OS | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

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Ingram Micro falls for the Microsoft Anti Piracy scam

2nd email today regarding MS and Anti Piracy, if only they put the same effort into stopping illegal sales as they do talking about it.

Ingram Micro steps up piracy fight
Distribution giant launches SAM Excellence scheme to ensure its partners and their customers are fully licensed

Ingram Micro has teamed up with Microsoft to drive home the importance of software asset management (SAM) to its reseller base. The broadliner has unveiled SAM Excellence, a programme which allows resellers to certify their end use customers on their Microsoft licence position. A SAM Excellence certificate will cover firms with 250 seats and below, and lasts for 12 months, ensuring end users have a valid licence for their Microsoft software.
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For sale: spyware, malware and viruses or Microsoft carry on helping illegal software sales

I received an email from Microsoft this morning telling me about how Software Piracy is the root of all evil and bragging about what they have been doing about it. I was that annoyed that I sent a quick reply that I have pasted below.
Mind you I missed an opportunity to tell them that the security threats are caused by there software as just copying an Operating System from one disc to another doesn’t some how infect it with Spyware/Malware, sigh….when will they learn.

Dear Sir/Madam
RE:For sale: spyware, malware and viruses

I use Linux so I can copy and sell software legally, but it annoys me when Microsoft puts out information like;

Pirated software can leave your customers open to security threats, as well as damaging your revenue and reputation. That’s why Microsoft continues to crack down on offenders; protecting customers and helping legitimate resellers earn the rewards they deserve.
but then fails to do any thing about it.

Every day on Ebay hundreds of copies of illegal Microsoft software is sold (for example, search for XP/Vista Black edition). I know it has been reported to yourselves and Ebay directly but nothing ever changes.
Sending me a list of just 22 companies (and how many even sold on Ebay) that have been prosecuted is not impressive.
A bit less time putting down Linux and it’s sellers and a bit more time putting your money where your mouth is would impress me though.

Of course what you should do is follow the GNU/GPL and you wouldn’t have these problems any way.
jazzy jeph

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Keeping the Status Quo or Be told, “The state should not start fighting Microsoft Corporation”

Cash-strapped Latvia mulls switching from Microsoft

I thought this comment the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association, a group representing information technology firms in Latvia was interesting.

“The state should not start fighting Microsoft Corporation or any other company, but rather use information and computer technology to raise the effectiveness of the government’s apparatus,” the association said in an open letter to the Dombrovskis’ government.

I’ve italicized the revealing bit, do they genuinely think that FREE/Open Source software can not do that and be a cheaper option as well or did they just believe someone else’s without even trying out any of the FREE/LIBRE software out there. Now who do you suppose that might have been.

I think it’s a scam as usual with Microsoft pouring money into the keeping the “statu quo”(I put the original latin version to avoid any “Status Quo the Band” fans feeling they had been conned over here :))

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