When Dr Dre joined the Mafia

Dr Dre fans will be pleased with the new tracks featured in Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars has approximately 19 million active players a month on Facebook and on the iPhone, so record companies and there labels will be monitoring this closely.

Both Bon Jovi and Kiss have previously released games featuring their music.
Dr. Dre promotes new album through Mafia Wars game | Reuters

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Hacked GPS is OK to GO

Now I reckon that’s one app that’s going to become very popular and beside’s anything involving a “giant Etch a Sketch” get’s my vote.

OK Go uses GPS, crowd to spell out name in LA | Geek Gestalt – CNET News

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Calling all Dj, Producer, Remixer ! Realtime music on your Linux box

I,ve been trying out Rosegarden recently and get an error message each time regarding the setting of realtime priority. It suggests I run “sudo modprobe snd-rtctimer” in a terminal but this returns  “Module snd_rtctimer not found.”and as a quick web search had not come up with any specific help I installed “linux-rt” and its related bits, as mentioned at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime/Hardy on the old ‘puter and i’m just rebooting it now to see what has happened…………..