Failed to query NoScanout for screen 0

I’ve set up a PC with a Nvidia 7800GTX and Samsung widescreen monitor that should be at it’s default resolution of 1440 x 900 but the Font aliasing is pretty appalling and when I look in the Nvidia settings menu all I see in the panel on the right is;
Failed to query NoScanout for screen 0.
Having done a quick search I uninstalled the latest Nvidia drivers (from Additional Drivers) and install “recommended with updates” after a restart everything works fine in the Nvidia control panel but the Fonts still look rough, i’ve managed to make them look slightly better with “sub pixel geometry” and “hinting” which I found in “Customise look and feel”


Additional Graphic card Driver’s ATI and Nvidia missing in Linux

I’ve been swapping over graphic cards recently and managed to mess up my drivers. It started with me removing my 7300GS and replacing with a HD4350 ummm, not a good idea I don’t seem to be able to find the right driver’s so I popped the 7300GS back in, now In Ubuntu it used to be possible to use a program called EnvyNG which would install ATI/Nvidia. Now in Linux Mint they are usualy listed under Additional Drivers but now I have none showing at all. I tried a quick Google but no answers forth coming there. Any way I popped across to Nvidia’s website and picked up the latest Ubuntu drivers, “” they wont install from a desktop so reboot and select Linux Mint recovery then at the prompt “drop to root shell” install from there it will tell you you are still in the wrong “runlevel” but explain how to switch to it and run the install file (Telinit 3 I think)
Having done this I ran the install file being sure to put “./” at the beginning as in “./” having done that I rebooted and tried to use my graphic’s, no go unless I was “root” hummmm, go into USER management and add youself to the “video” group, log out and back in again to be sure.
Job done graphic driver’s updated.

Check the obvious for sound in Linux with Nvidia

Have you have ever struggled to install drivers for your hardware ?, do you ever find yourself piling in at the deep end, configuring kernels, compiling drivers splitting drivers, welding drivers whatever it takes assuming its a “just a Linux thing” ? . Well, I had been been struggling to install my Nvidia onboard soundcard in Linux Mint, in my case on a Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI motherboard. Rather than spend many hours of research and trial and error, start by checking the physical jumper settings on the motherboard itself. Mine had once had front panel audio connected but as I didn’t I needed to replace the jumpers that should have been in place if the wires to the front audio panel are not, phew. If you check your motherboard manual you should see a picture of the relevant jumper settings.
The worst thing about this is, when I was reminded (and i’ll post the link of the chap who reminded me) I remembered I had had this problem before, but thought this time it was too simple an answer , doh !

Goodnews for Gamers – OpenGL 3.0 at The Open Source Year

Whilst discussing Linux Gaming with some friends recently, Japan Dan raised an interesting point about Linux supporting Direct X, to which I replied that it didn’t need to as there was OpenGL, at which point he said “oh yes I remember OpenGL, when exactly was it last updated?
” Ah “, I thought, Its passed version 1 and i’m sure i’ve heard of OpenGL 2 so i’ll say version 2. But in actual fact, if I had read the post at The Open Source Year I would have known we were on to version 3 and NVIDIA has an OpenGL driver out now. Pop over to The Open Source Year to learn more.

Linux Mint 5 Elyssa stable and secure (and its good fun too)

The latest version of Mint known as Elyssa is out and very nice it is too. I’ve been running it as my prefered O/S for a couple of weeks now and it is proving solid and reliable. It was very easy to set up my NVIDIA card and my Wireless device. There are thousands of Free (as in Freedom as well as in Beer) programs available to download with the built in package manager and I was informed of all the updates that were available for me including security, usability, new features etc.

All in all a very nice Linux distribution.

Linux Mint Logo - new version available from

Linux Mint Logo - new version available from