Pull up a chair Santa and put your feet up – Photo’s of Don Iannone

I really do like this photographer even though some of the scenes look almost painted (not this one)

This one would be a nice place for Santa to stop and take a rest

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Batch resizing your photo’s in Linux

In the old days when I still used Windows 🙂 I used a program called Fast Image Resizer to resize batches of photo’s and although I can still run this along with the rest of my Windows programs using Wine I thought i’d investigate a Linux equivalent. Well the answer is ImageMagick !
I should probably point out that once you have installed ImageMagick dont bother looking for an entry in the program list or even try typing ImageMagick into a Terminal because you won’t find anything 🙂 It seems what you type relates to what you want to do, for instance I needed to resize some images so the first command would be;
convert -resize WidthXHeight source destination
or convert -resize 320×240 /home/jazzy/test.jpg /home/jazzy/convert/test.jpg
If you have many files use the command;
mogrify -resize 320×240 *.jpg
in the mogrify example above leaving the source and destination blank uses the current folder.