Kevin Brennan, MP for Cardiff West and the Big Bad Google

Kevin Brennan, MP for Cardiff West, launched an attack on Google in Parliament saying;.

” I have just googled “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, and the first five results offered a free download of that track on Google. Why does a Google search not direct people to a legal site where they could purchase the track?”
Er really, it doesn’t for me and several other people that I know. What browser are you using and how much spyware is on it. I reckon your running IE7 that’s riddled with spyware, you see Kevin if you had used a browser like Chrome an Open Source software developed by Google, you probably would have got the results we did.

My version of a kevin brennan search

My version of a kevin brennan search

You need to learn about technology a bit more before making silly comments. Oh and Alicia Keys and Jay-Z ? was that to get the “youth” vote.


Google search becoming less reliable or accurate

 I don’t know if anybody else has noticed that the accuracy of Google’s search results seems to be falling, I would Redhat to appear at the top of the results but instead I get ! I tried with IXQUICK and was top of the list. Any ideas ?, is it to do with paid promotion of websites in Google’s search results ?

redhat – Google Search

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