OMG Linux Flash Adobe Vunerability Shock Horror Probe

Well you would think from the headlines going around that the Linux version of Adobe Flash player is being used for an exploit that’s doing the rounds and indeed Adobe also say that earlier versions of Flash on Linux should be updated however lets be clear about who and what is affected;

From Adobe – “The exploit targets Flash Player on Internet Explorer for Windows only. ”

Right that does it, stop wasting my time with stupid stories trying to make out Linux is as vulnerable to exploits as MS Windows is which quite clearly it isn,t, just accept that you would be safer running a Linux system and if you don’t want to well stop complaining and live with your faulty software.

Oh ands a Happy Bank Holiday to you all 🙂


FUD for all

Jimmy Blake suggest’s that FUD is one of the best way’s to get the media’s attention and unfortunately I would have to agree. He mention’s Goatse Security and Ron Bowes of Skull Security but I also don’t think it help’s with people like Dan Kaminsky bragging about his skills before having his email account hacked for using a “gawker” type password.

InfoSec Attention Whores: When the Headline is More Important Than the Outcome | Cloud Computing & Bad Behaviour

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Superb Assembley Language Tutorial

As I get older learning becomes that bit harder which is a shame because if we had had PC’s “when I were a boy” I could probably have got a degree in Computer Sciences by now….. OK, maybe not. Anyway I’m always looking for tutorials that might help people out and this one is excellent, my advice is, while you are young…LEARN !

Assembly – Skull Security

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Microsoft – Rumours of our Black Screen of Death are greatly exagerated

Nice, the epruption over Microsoft”s “Black Screen of Death” seems to be that NO its not related to any Security Updates but YES, “we do know that ‘black screen’ behavior is associated with some malware families such as Daonol.” My mate Aiden had already reported that of the hundreds of Microsoft PC’s that have passed through the company he works for (poor lad) they have NEVER had the “Black Screen of Death” issue, unless caused by faulty graphics drivers.

Microsoft’s MSRC reveals there take on it.

So 1] PREVX when you dislike “proprietary” software as much as us please give us well researched facts,  ie; discuss Windows problems with MS first.
     2] Everyone Else Use a strong operating system in the first place and keep it updated, any version of SELinux should do.

Malware suspected of “Black Screen” issue

‘Black screen of death’ for some Windows users – Security-

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NATO’s Cyber Defence Warriors should use GNU/Linux

Trojan horse
If they open the attachment then a sophisticated “worm” or “trojan” can, in theory, take over their computer, scan its files, send them on, delete them, or perhaps most damagingly, alter them without the user knowing.

So we can safely say they are not using a FREE operating system like Linux then because this type of scene would be a lot harder.
Whats more to describe them as Cyber Defence Warriors is more than a little worrying considering there presumed lack of security knowledge. So in my opinion the best thing they could do to tighten up security would be to switch to a strong hardened operating system and as they are probably already hooked up with Microsoft in one form or another I recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from Novell.
I appreciate it’s not really FREE software but probably safer for all of us if they use that rather than the dreaded MS W.
Please comment, you know you want to……

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Nato’s cyber defence warriors

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Security, Privacy, Anonymity ? I’ll take them all please.

For some time while I still used MS Windows I had been using the TOR network to try and maintain a modest amount of anonymity whilst online. If you are not aware Organisations and individuals around the world are watching your internet streams and looking for useful info. that you might be sending. Certainly running something like Peer Guardian is very revealing and I suggest anybody interested in Internet Security including anonymity and privacy, checks it out to help get an understanding of how bad this actually is. However, there didn’t seem to be a Linux equivalent for Peer Guardian so had assumed I would be out of luck on the TOR front, all is not lost however as nixCraft point out on this article regarding TOR and Privoxy.