Make your ASUS eeePC Easypeasy

According to Easypeasy’s wiki ;

” easypeasy is an operating system optimized for netbooks. It favors the best software available by delivering Firefox with Flash and Java, Skype, Google Picasa, Banshee, codecs (ie. mp3) etc. out of the box. easypeasy 1.5 is our latest stable release and was released September 7th, 2009.”
According to me it’s a really easypeasy operating system to use that does everything from the first time you boot it up. The Wireless connection is ready for you, the Function Keys work (most of them, I couldn’t actually switch off the wireless). Out on the internet and Flash websites work, MP3’s play it all “just works”.

Of course it’s not actually FREE as in FREEDOM but if you can live with that and need to be up and running on your eeePC fast it’s definitely worth a look.


This is your Captain speaking or come to think of it, anybody speaking with Skype Voice Changer

If you have managed to get Skype running in Linux and you are of a musical disposition you might like this effects package plugin.
I’m not sure how “useful” it is but I thought conference calls could be recorded and used in an amusing way. Then I realised the delay “effect” is quite common with Internet Phones and would you really want to introduce more 🙂

Skype Voice Changer – Home

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Installing Skype in Linux

Doh !

“Some requested packages cannot be installed: Skype- (due to unsatisfied Continue installation anyway.”

Well i’ve learnt not to continue installations when there is bits missing so after a brief Google search I got this link.

Apparently adding these sources will solve my problem, i’ll kepp you posted.