A look at Linux with IBM

A look at Linux with IBM

If you are interested in finding out more about Linux and don’t just want to listen to a load of Windows/Linux Fanboys screaming “my os is the best” then I recommend you pop over to IBM’s website for this informative article describing where and when you might find Linux in your life already, from Smartphones to the Internet itself.


Redistribution of FOSS Software

I had just been reading an article at http://www.softwarefreedom.org/resources/2008/shareware.html when I came across Zorin O/S being sold on Ebay, nothing wrong with that until you look at the conditions. So as I see it the producers of Zorin O/S and probably many more are in violation of the requirement not to restrict access to software unless a fee is paid. Notice how Zorin require another donation if you want to update to the latest release..
From their website;

“How much does Zorin OS cost and how do I get it?

The Core, Lite and Educational versions are available to download for free from the Free download page. The Premium versions (Business, Gaming, Multimedia and Ultimate) are available in exchange for a donation on the Premium page for a physical DVD or a download. ”

“If I got an older version of one of the Zorin OS Premium releases would I get a free upgrade to the newer version?

You will have to either donate for a new physical DVD from the Premium page or a Download of it (see above) to upgrade to a newer version of your Premium release. “

Open Source software more likely to spread malware

The way I read this article they are suggesting Open Source software is more vunerable to malware than Proprietory software, er, sorry but that is one of the most ill informed comment’s I have had the misfortune to read. Based on that premise Microsoft Windows must have a better history of security than say Linux for example. As anybody who has ever done the slightest bit of research into O/S security would know, that quite simply isn’t the case so I can only assume the author of the article did no research what so ever.

How to avoid malware hiding behind QR codes

What’s the easiest Backup software for linux – Back up your stuff, NOW!

Well at first glance they all appear to need a lot of dependencies satisfying so i’m going to look for something more like a complete package, after all if you are in a hurry to perform a back up you really don’t need to be attempting to check your system first for things like that, you just need to back up now !
So “Simple Linux Backup” is not going to be simple from our point of view. What about “Back in Time” now this looks more like it. So download the file either by clicking HERE and fetching the pre compiled easy “deb” file and the common file or if you are hardcore typing;
wget http://backintime.le-web.org/download/backintime/backintime-0.9.26_src.tar.gz
in a terminal.
So if you took the easy way
You can double click the backintime-common-0.9.26_all.deb and install and then double click backintime-gnome-0.9.26_all.deb and install that, now go to Applications/System Tools/Backintime and backup your stuff NOW!
If you took the hardcore root (tee hee) follow the instructions below;
O.K lets open the archive and see whats inside, “right click” the backintime-0.9.26_src.tar.gz archive and select “extract here” double click on the folder and you should see something like the picture below.

Double click the “README” file and when prompted with the following message select display

The bit that’s relevant to us is this

Now you need to open a terminal (if you haven’t already) and type those commands for your Desktop Manager ie: GNOME or KDE, i’m using GNOME so I type the usual 3 commands from the GNOME sub directory

sudo make install

remember to assume root for the last command by typing “sudo”

when it has completed type “backintime” and backup your stuff NOW!

Hope that helps and please comment with any alternatives you may have used.

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Ingram Micro falls for the Microsoft Anti Piracy scam

2nd email today regarding MS and Anti Piracy, if only they put the same effort into stopping illegal sales as they do talking about it.

Ingram Micro steps up piracy fight
Distribution giant launches SAM Excellence scheme to ensure its partners and their customers are fully licensed

Ingram Micro has teamed up with Microsoft to drive home the importance of software asset management (SAM) to its reseller base. The broadliner has unveiled SAM Excellence, a programme which allows resellers to certify their end use customers on their Microsoft licence position. A SAM Excellence certificate will cover firms with 250 seats and below, and lasts for 12 months, ensuring end users have a valid licence for their Microsoft software.
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Easy text collection, ScribeFire and Ebay. Er, there is a connection honest.

I’m composing this using ScribeFire a nifty little add-on for Firefox. I can blog pages of interest just by right clicking on them or just start a new blog post from scratch. Well that got me thinking about the best way to produce all the text I need for my Linux news, software sales, Ebay etc. and how it would be nice to blog about the latest software news at the same time so for the next few weeks i’m going to produce all my text from here,

scribefire in action

scribefire in action





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How a search engine became an operating system

I’ve been watching Google evolve over the years from a humble search engine to a, well, I was going to say “mammoth size jack of all trades” but they are a bit more specialised than that. When I came across gOS last year and found people jokingly referring to it as Google operating system I realised it wouldn’t be long before Google did just that, made their own version of an operating system, and there was a good chance it was going to be based on FREE software. Any way I found this article over at Techrepublic very interesting and would have to agree with most of what is said there, take a look and have a vote while your there. I said YES if your interested, even knowing that what I say here, now, might live to haunt me for ever 🙂

Google vs Microsoft anyone ?