Redistribution of FOSS Software

I had just been reading an article at when I came across Zorin O/S being sold on Ebay, nothing wrong with that until you look at the conditions. So as I see it the producers of Zorin O/S and probably many more are in violation of the requirement not to restrict access to software unless a fee is paid. Notice how Zorin require another donation if you want to update to the latest release..
From their website;

“How much does Zorin OS cost and how do I get it?

The Core, Lite and Educational versions are available to download for free from the Free download page. The Premium versions (Business, Gaming, Multimedia and Ultimate) are available in exchange for a donation on the Premium page for a physical DVD or a download. ”

“If I got an older version of one of the Zorin OS Premium releases would I get a free upgrade to the newer version?

You will have to either donate for a new physical DVD from the Premium page or a Download of it (see above) to upgrade to a newer version of your Premium release. “

Open Source software more likely to spread malware

The way I read this article they are suggesting Open Source software is more vunerable to malware than Proprietory software, er, sorry but that is one of the most ill informed comment’s I have had the misfortune to read. Based on that premise Microsoft Windows must have a better history of security than say Linux for example. As anybody who has ever done the slightest bit of research into O/S security would know, that quite simply isn’t the case so I can only assume the author of the article did no research what so ever.

How to avoid malware hiding behind QR codes

Left 4 Dead for Linux ?

Interesting article from Slashdot regarding Phronix websites “Valve’s Source Engine is coming to Linux” . Firstly advertising for a Linux Software Engineer is a bit of a giveaway and now the release of STEAM for Linux. Er, i’ll qualify that, the STEAM code and files are in “Left 4 Dead” demo a first person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios and then acquired by Valve and written around the Source Engine. They say “The Left 4 Dead playable demo has twenty Linux library files shipping with the client “So i’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before the announcement that Linux is officially supported via STEAM. And just out of interest, when they talk of SOURCE is this the original CounterStrike source code they refer to.