More Wine with your Linux ?

According to the official announcement over at WineHQ version 1.5 has been released but when I try to install with PPA sources ;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3

Now I see wine1.3 in the last line not 1.5 as I would have expected and after install i’ve got Wine 1.4 ! how bizarre


Ubuntu 12 & Fedora 16 Unity at last

I’ve been trying both of these new distributions and i’m not sure if I like the new Unity desktop/window manager i’m not sure I haven’t done enough research yet but short term use suggests it’s more aimed at an average desktop user rather than an Administrator I certainly struggled to find certain admin tools.
I’ll keep you informed, what are your opinions ?

Additional Graphic card Driver’s ATI and Nvidia missing in Linux

I’ve been swapping over graphic cards recently and managed to mess up my drivers. It started with me removing my 7300GS and replacing with a HD4350 ummm, not a good idea I don’t seem to be able to find the right driver’s so I popped the 7300GS back in, now In Ubuntu it used to be possible to use a program called EnvyNG which would install ATI/Nvidia. Now in Linux Mint they are usualy listed under Additional Drivers but now I have none showing at all. I tried a quick Google but no answers forth coming there. Any way I popped across to Nvidia’s website and picked up the latest Ubuntu drivers, “” they wont install from a desktop so reboot and select Linux Mint recovery then at the prompt “drop to root shell” install from there it will tell you you are still in the wrong “runlevel” but explain how to switch to it and run the install file (Telinit 3 I think)
Having done this I ran the install file being sure to put “./” at the beginning as in “./” having done that I rebooted and tried to use my graphic’s, no go unless I was “root” hummmm, go into USER management and add youself to the “video” group, log out and back in again to be sure.
Job done graphic driver’s updated.

FAIL – IPv6 support – Fedora, Ubuntu et al

OK just switched from Ubuntu to Fedora and as has happened many times before Web browsing has ground to a halt. Now i’m pretty sure its anIPv6 problem but most people will deny it, there is no bug they say, turning off IPv6 won’t help, etc. etc.
Well LET ME TELL YOU LOT – There is a problem – To get to the google homepage and load it so that it reads done in the status bar took one minute and, oh, wait it still hasn’t finished.
So in Ubuntu web browsing fast – In Fedora web browsing slow. Now don’t get me wrong I believe I had to disable IPv6 in Firefox for Ubuntu but as my settings have not changed ( I copied my .mozilla settings from my HOME folder) why would it not work in Fedora.
So what advice do we get;
Well i’m still waiting, i,ve got 4 tabs open and none have resolved yet, oh, yes, here we go, no, my mistake still going 1 minute later.
“A common mistake is an incorrect MTU setting in your DSL router, PPPoE or PPP settings” – No don’t be daft
“Other common mistakes are a bad DNS server configuration and a broken local network configuration” – No don’t be daft
“which DNS servers are you using ?” – Same as before don’t be daft
“it might be fedora 10 use of ipv6 as default . that your isp is having trouble with it
or just your isp’s dns have you looked into “openDNS”

Ah, “it might be fedora 10 use of ipv6 as default” yes aint that the truth but the “openDNS”, nah, don’t be daft, my DNS servers are same as they were. Next….

“The “ideal” way to disable IPv6 in a Fedora system is apparently to place
this line in /etc/sysconfig/network:

Yes tried that one, FAIL !
So I went to Fedorasolved

su -c 'echo "install ipv6 /bin/true
blacklist ipv6" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ipv6.conf'


su -c 'service ip6tables stop && chkconfig ip6tables off'

  1. After making these changes a system reboot will be required.
  2. If you find that anything is actually fixed by disabling IPv6, then you have found a bug. Make sure you report it at What ! are you kidding ! disabling IPv6 makes things work !

So I headed over to How To Disable IPv6 on Fedora / Linux & Why

Rest of pages have timed out or blank… OK, I’m gonna swing for the next person who says there is not a problem with IPv6 support. Does ANYBODY at all have any idea what the problem is really ?

Twin Pack Ubuntu & Kubuntu, Yes to FREE software NO to Virus’s Malware, Spyware etc.

I’m selling a twin pack of Ubuntu and Kubuntu if any body hasn’t got them yet.

Ubuntu 9.10 is the latest release from Mark Shuttleworths Canonical.

There are lots of exciting new features in Ubuntu 9.10 including;

  • The option to encrypt your home folder is worthy especially on mobile devices ie laptops.
  • The Add/Remove software feature has been given an overhaul and renamed Ubuntu Software Centre the selection of FREE software is almost overwhelming, Sound & Video, Internet, Office, Education, Games including;
    F-Spot Photo manager
    Evolution Mail & Contact management
    Brasero DVD/CD burning
    Empathy Instant Messenger with Video camera support
    Music manager
    Transmission Torrent Downloader
  • From boot to a desktop just takes a moment and because Ubuntu 9.10 is also a LIVE CD you can try out all the features before committing it to your computer. When you do decide you do want to install (and you will) its then just a case of a quick selection of Language details and a few questions about your hard drive and the install is underway.
  • In Ubuntu’s time honored tradition the default artwork is Brown ! but this time the orange highlights help to soften the effect.
  • I really should have timed the install it was that quick and it made a mockery of Windows 7 install time, especially when you consider that Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop is ready to run with most of the Office or Internet software already installed.
  • Language support, even the the default install on the CD was able to render most Chinese letters, for instance, without further installation of any software.

This superb Twin Pack of CD’s gives you the choice of Ubuntu Linux using GNOME desktop manager or Kubuntu Linux using the KDE desktop manager, unlike MS Windows Linux users get to choose how they work (or interface) with there PC’s, for instance, you might prefer a clean desktop with no icons where everything is launched from a “right click” with the mouse or perhaps you are more comfortable with a traditional menu bar at the bottom of your screen, either way with Linux you choose the way you work not the Operating System.
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The further adventures of “r00t 0wn5 me” or the “Permissions could not be determined”

I was doing some more research into the permissions problem in Ubuntu and was coming to the decision that I don’t like the UID naming convention at all and i’m thinking that a change to my drives UID‘s has caused all these problems. What might have changed this I don’t know yet. So I checked out the always useful Ubuntu forums and discovered i’m not the only one who isn’t to keen on this strange way of addressing a drive. It benefits removable media which is fine but ALL my hard drives are listed under removable drives. I tried installing good old “disk-manager” (sudo apt-get install disk-manager) hoping this would restore my permissions but to no avail.
When in doubt, how about, we put Fedora on and try that out 🙂
Imagine my shock and horror to discover Fedora 10 uses Logical Volumes and UID‘s arghhhhh, can’t I just have normal human readable names in fstab and Grub ? well i’m sure I can and I hope one of you happy readers might just enlighen me on this, in the meantime i’m going to try a real FREE operating system and give GNEWSENSE a whirl, if it doesn’t use UID’s I might be in luck.

“Permissions of this drive could not be determined”

Playing Windows Media, Apple Quicktime and Real Media in Ubuntu

I’m having problems with permission problems in Ubuntu at the moment and in a fit of peak decided on a reinstall. It hasn’t fixed the permissions problem though :), instead of all my drives being owned by root now (and unchangeable even as root) Ubuntu now reports “Permissions could not be determined” a quick tour of the forums didn’t turn up any quick answers so i’ll tell you more in another blog because quite honestly, at the moment, if you are having the same problem I don’t know what to advise. Reinstalling is obviously not a way to fix it.
So this blog is about codecs for Video and Audio. After the Ubuntu reinstall rather than search for all the codecs installing as and when they were required I wondered if there might be an equivalent to the “Klite” codec pack, a sort of one size fits all mega pack of codecs. Well it seems Medibuntu have done just that by making an easy to follow installation guide you can find it using the link below.
Worked for me so must be pretty simple 🙂

RestrictedFormats/NonNativeCodecs – Community Ubuntu Documentation

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LOST ? Check your distribution

How bizarre, I think i’ve realised why I think i’m going a bit mad sometimes.
Its because before I installed Ubuntu 8.10 I had been using Linux Mint 6. Linux Mint, like a lot of distributions has it’s own way of doing things or laying things out, and has it’s own set of features and default tools. But now i’m using Ubuntu, and because Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, it keeps fooling me with either missing options or a set of defaults different to the one’s i’m used to, or the “wrong” available programs making me search every where wondering where I saw something. Its only when I become truly exasperated that it dawn’s on me that it was a different distribution………..sigh. Anybody else have this problem ? .
Of course it would be very boring if distributions were all the same as it would remove a lot of choice and I guess that’s why you get die hard fans of each distro. For me I really like the look of Fedora but Ubuntu and Mint have been so easy to work with it may have to wait a bit longer before being installed. I imagine you have got your own favourite so feel free to share your distribution tales here.

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Phreaky ! Setting up the Tesco Internet phone in Ubuntu

Tesco Internet phone
I’ve been trying to set up my Tesco Internet phone also known as the Freshtel FT-102 VoIP USB Phone  in Ubuntu 8.10, my distro of choice at the moment, and although I can install the Tesco software using Wine and use the self test, when I receive an incoming call it closes the connection almost instantly and complains about the sound device. Now that’s OK after all i’m going through a complicated audio chain there i’m guessing by using Wine so I set up Ekiga. Now that accepts my details, lets me call a couple of SIP test sites ( or but won’t accept my Tesco account settings, it says “Registration failed, Bad request” and a quick google only brought up one related item, suggesting opening up certain ports on the router. Now I don’t mind doing that but would I be able to use Ekiga at all if that was the case, any ideas anyone?

I found the name of the Tesco Internet phone by the way, by typing “lsusb” in a console/terminal.
If you need the settings for the Tesco Internet phone for using with other software (Like Ekiga) I found all the settings at Thanks.